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Leanne James

Leanne James
Property Management

Leanne previously moved to Karratha in November 2010 with her partners work. After 3 years in Karratha Leanne decided to move back home to Adelaide to be with her first grandchild - however couldn’t stay away from the amazing Pilbara Lifestyle and returned. Leanne has worked with the Company on and off for the past 4 year and is a GREAT asset to the Team!

1. What do you love most about Karratha

The lifestyle, beaches and friendly people.

2. Who has been an inspiration to you in your life

My parents have taught me great principles and values and my children have shown me how to appreciate life to the fullest.

3. How have you created value and made a difference for our clients

Whilst attending properties for inspections I am often appreciated by the tenant as I listen to their concerns and then act on any important maintenance issues.

4. What do your clients say about you

I am friendly and a good listener

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