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Shinnai Rata

Shinnai Rata
Project Manager

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Shinnai commenced employment with First National Real Estate Karratha in 2012, and has over 6 years experience in the Real Estate experience in both Karratha and Perth, across a variety of sectors within the industry specialising in Administration, best practise ISO systems and Marketing / Event Management.

Shinnai's diverse experience and qualifications including Sales Representative Registration (via REIWA), Property Management Representative Registration (via REIWA), Diploma in Business Administration & Diploma in Business Management provides her with a broad skill set ensuring she is capable of implementing best practice systems, completing and reporting to company management and problem solving ability with regard to real estate queries.

The skills complete her sound knowledge of Residential Sales and Tenancy Management, along with excellent time management, organisational and interpersonal skills that allow her to deliver outstanding service to all Stakeholders involved.

1. What do you love most about Karratha?

What I love most about Karratha is the lifestyle and the grounded upbringing I experienced whilst living in Karratha (before leaving in 2010). My upbrining in Karratha consisted of boating adventures to the Dampier Archipelago each weekend with my family, participating in supportive sporting groups and other community groups along with forging lifelong friendships. Basically, I love that all of the factors I have listed have made me who I am today!

2. Who has been an inspiration to you in your life?

My mum. She has ALWAYS been an amazing support network for both myself and sister. Her dedication in all areas of her life (personally and professionally) is so inspiring. She has managed to achieve so much whilst having the most beautiful loving nature. This has left me aspiring to hold those qualities.

3. How have you Created Value and Made a Difference for our clients?

I continuously ensure I refer back to the statement of ‘Create Value and Make a Difference’ on a daily basis, to ensure that I am upholding this when it comes to our Clients. By maintaining a proactive ‘can do’ approach to all times, allows our Client to have an positive experience with our Company which I believe is creating value and making a difference to our Clients on a daily basis.

4. What do your clients say about you?

The Testimonials I have received is always having a proactive approach to any situation, along with efficient and effective in regard to problem solving whilst upholding a high level of customer service.

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