Like any great Company that is willing to place itself under the microscope, we understand that what you have to say is important.  Your continued feedback assists us in making adjustments in what we do and how we service both you as the client and the greater community.  We want to make sure that our interaction with you has somehow CREATED VALUE AND MADE A DIFFERENCE.

If you’ve got something to say, then please feel free to email us info@kfnr.com.au.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a very warm thank you for being a fantastic property manager, throughout all the issues and rectification works we had recently you were an enormous help and I would have literally pulled all my hair out if you weren't there.
Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Fantastic Property Manager
Property Management Testimonials

We have used Rachel to sell a number of properties for a client of ours and her negotiation, communication and professionalism has exceeded the other agents we have used in the same market. In difficult market conditions Rachel consistently delivered good results for us and our client. Thank you for your hard work.

Alex Harper - Seller


Rachel Delivers Results!
Sales Testimonials

We were surprised to hear Rachel had sold our house in just six weeks, as it had been on the market on and off for four years. Rachel was able to negotiate a fair price for us slightly higher than the average price at the time and also informing the buyers who were needing furniture that we had furniture to sell. We believe Rachel worked for us and showed integrity in all areas at all times. Our house was open every weekend during that time Rachel also gave us information for a photographer which we were very pleased with as well. We would not hesitate to recommend Rachel in the future.

Lee and Robbie for 40A Nickol Rd Nickol


Another happy client of Rachel Ross's
Sales Testimonials

“Good Day Brenten,
I would just like to pass on my gratitude and thanks for the ongoing work you have done for us in the short time you have been appointed our property manager.
I don’t usually write emails like this, for things that are expected of a property manager. But as I mentioned earlier, in the short time you have been looking after the property we are leasing, you seem to have gone above and beyond to get the issues resolved, that it would seem the previous PM’s (plural) have not been able to or should have concentrated on from the start.
As you may or may not know, we have had issues with the family room air con not working since our occupation, as well as the double drawer dishwasher with one of the drawers not working at all.
So in summary, what the other PM’s have not been able to do in four months, you seem to have got sorted in a week.
Thanks again for a job well done, not just for the effort you have put in, but for restoring our faith in the property manager’s roles & responsibilities.
Matt Bennett”

Gratitude & Thanks
Property Management Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your patient, insightful and skillful management of the purchase of my new home in Baynton.

You have been polite, professional, helpful and very pleased to work with at all time and promptly responded with information that required follow up. I was thrilled at the way in which you facilitated a timely and  fair negotiation with the vendor. Presenting a contract of sale in just two days over a weekend; recommending an excellent mortgage broker when my first loan application was rejected; helping me to renegotiate with the vendor with a brilliant outcome within a short notice; all these are absolutely remarkable achievements. Clearly you have demonstrated great supports to all associated parties and engendered a level of confidence that is exceptional for both vendor and purchaser.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is looking for the best real estate service that satisfies all parties.


Polite, professional, helpful - Anna Guillesser
Sales Testimonials

Excellent & Efficient Service, Very Happy with the quick results to meet our needs. Very Supportive throughout all stages of the sale and very pro-active in achieving the best result for the client.     

Excellent and Efficient Service!
Sales Testimonials

We would like to let you know how impressed we are with our Property Manager.

Lately property managers seem to be getting a less than favourable wrap. Our Property Manager is very prompt in her replies to our questions and concerns. She is very professional in her approach and always keeps us in the loop.

Impressive Property Manageer
Property Management Testimonials

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